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Fire and Ice Soccer Club
Lindsay Kennedy:
Juergen Huettner
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Fire & Ice SC is an independent club whose main focus is providing nationwide exposure and an opportunity for high school and college women to play at a premier level. In doing so, we joined the largest women's soccer league in the world, the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL).

The WPSL is an independent national league whose main focus is on the development of highly competitive premier women's soccer teams. The WPSL also makes every effort to bring quality soccer to all levels of the community and to promote the stature of female athletes as role models for our youth. Currently, the league is home to 80 + teams in 2 different tiers: the WPSL, and the WPSL 20. Ten of these teams are in the Midwest!

The great variety of highly skilled players is what makes the WPSL truly successful. WPSL teams roster college, post-college, foreign players and talented high school players every year. Many college programs encourage their players to play in our summer league because they believe it helps them prepare for the upcoming season. These players gain tremendous experience playing alongside other dedicated, competitive players, some of whom are former professional soccer players and others whom are aspiring to become professionals on or off the field.

Fire and Ice SC
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